DOKA is SPECIAL and unlike any other math olympiad/competition. It comprises FOUR parts:

Part A: Basic Reasoning – Apply information or conceptual knowledge, usually using one method for a single problem with multi-steps.

Part B: Intermediate Reasoning (Non-Verbal) – Understand and analyze visual information.

Part C: Advanced Reasoning – Require creative thinking for strategic planning on a sequence of multi-steps, usually combining 2 or more heuristics for a single problem.

Part D: Extended Reasoning – Require critical thinking to interpret complex information, to find the hidden data/ pattern, then make necessary connections to smoothen the problem-solving process (Math Olympiad type).


Year 2 to 12 (Primary 2 to A-Levels)
Sample Questions
Contest Date:
04 March, 2022 


There are 6 papers in total:
Paper P (Year 2)
Paper Q (Year 3&4)
Paper R (Year 5&6)
Paper S (Year 7&8)
Paper T (Year 9&10)
Paper U (Year 11-13)
*Results will be compared within same year level group.

Each paper comprises 4 parts:
Part A: Basic Reasoning – 6 questions
Part B: Intermediate Reasoning (Non-Verbal) – 6 questions
Part C: Advanced Reasoning – 6 questions
Part D: Extended Reasoning – 6 questions

12 MCQ Questions & 12 Non-MCQ Questions
(1 point for correct answer, no penalty point for wrong answer)
TOTAL = 24 points

This is a 90-minute assessment. Calculators are ONLY permitted for Papers S, T & U (Secondary levels ONLY).